Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello Blogger, My Name's Laura!

Hello friends!

I'm so excited to finally start sharing the diy projects, crafting successes, and occasional crafting mishaps with all of you!  As an added bonus, I'm hoping to provide a little inspiration and help along the way as well.  But of course, before you trust me for all of your crafting advice, let me tell you a little bit about what began to inspire me and my continuing journey of being a crafty little lady!

Although I've always been a busy body, this kicked into full gear last year while I was planning my wedding.  My husband (Steve) and I decided to go for a non-traditional wedding but still wanted to include all of our friends and family who couldn't make it down to our wedding spot with us.  In order to tie the two together (as well as tie the knot the way we wanted to), we decided to take the trip down to Mexico for our nuptials but then have a hometown reception when we came back from our wedding and honeymoon.  This worked out perfectly for us, but with much planning...and to my liking...crafting!

In order to keep the cost manageable, our hometown reception would really live up to it's name and take place at my parent's house in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  Although their backyard is already a dream come true, In order to take our reception from "backyard BBQ" to "classy outdoor reception" we really had to dress it up!  My mom and I got right to work, crafting everything from centerpieces, to favors, and even a s'mores bar!

My favorite but most time-consuming craft was my floating wall of paper cranes.  Having taken my husband's last name of Crane, I found this to be a must-have and when it was finished, it really pulled our decor together as well as added an extra pop of color.  Pretty much every night leading up to the reception, I spent hours folding paper cranes of all sizes, one by one.  When I ran out of paper, I began to string the cranes on fishing line and then finally created strands and strands of paper cranes.  On the day of my reception, I actually counted how many I had (but since then I've forgotten the exact number).  I do know, however, that it was a lot!

But anyway, that project, as well as everything else I created for my wedding and reception, pushed me and inspired me to share my crafting ventures with all of you!  Below are my paper cranes as well as more of my favorite crafts from my wedding.  I hope you all enjoy!

Strands upon strands of handmade paper cranes

Handwritten seating chart using old windows (with some extra distressing added)

The centerpiece of our bride and groom table (from behind)

The centerpieces for our guests tables

Reception favors for our lovely friends and family

Sparklers to add a little light and fun to our first dance!

Our suitcase card box

And finally...

The most delicious s'mores bar!  Yummy!

Credit to 217 Photography for the amazing pictures

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